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Atchafalaya Sunset

ITEM# 2116K

Original art oil paintings - not prints, copies reproductions or giclee


Size: 16x20
Medium: Oil
Support: Stretched Canvas, Painted Sides
Created: 2007
Signature: Double Signed
Gallery Price: $125
Certificate of Authenticity: Included
Artist: C.J. Lauterbach

Atchafalaya Sunset

This painting is a subtle reminder of how quickly nature’s beauty and the rich cultural heritage can be forever lost. Our only hope of protecting these priceless gifts is: appreciation of nature's treasures like the Atchafalaya basin, wise use of natural conservation, and sharing with others the beauty and wonder this wetland treasure still has to offer.

The Atchafalaya River is the Mississippi’s largest distributary stream and the largest river swamp in North America. However, it was only was only a bayou in the early 1800’s where water seeped slowly beneath an obstruction of logs and debris. In an attempt to allow navigation between the Atchafalaya, Red and Mississippi rivers, the debris was removed. The lower Mississippi Valley and Atchafalaya Basin developed commercially from agriculture, fishing, trapping, moss collection and forestry.

Double-signed, A Certificate of Authenticity and Artist’s Statement are also included.

Each of our paintings is an original. However, I would be happy to create a similar custom one for you.

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