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Art Of Two Sisters

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Paradise Cove Lighthouse

Shadow Dancer

ITEM# 7760OE

Original art oil paintings - not prints, copies reproductions or giclee


Size: 16x20
Medium: Oil
Support: Stretched Canvas, Painted Sides
Created: 2007
Signature: Double Signed
Gallery Price: $45
Certificate of Authenticity: Included
Artist: C.J. Lauterbach

Paradise Cove Lighthouse

Lighthouses located along the shores of our country and the world inspired this painting. Once, lighthouses were vital to those who ventured out to sea. They were a beautiful sight to behold at the end of a long journey or when looking for a port in a storm. They provided vital navigational information and warned of dangerous areas. Today, lighthouses provide a romantic link to the past. They stand elegantly in their naturally scenic locations and beckoning us to come and sit for a few moments and enjoy the view.

Double-signed, A Certificate of Authenticity and Artist’s Statement are also included.

Each of our paintings is an original. However, I would be happy to create a similar custom one for you.

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