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Art Of Two Sisters

About the Artwork of "Cajl"

About the Artist:

I am a full time, self-representing, native New Orleans cajun artist. I am committed to working on my art everyday. My paintings are in private collections from New York to California and Michigan to Texas as well as overseas. I work primarily in oils and create paintings in a wide range of textures. I enjoy the freedom of creating paintings in a variety of subjects, styles and themes. Premium quality oil paints and stretched artist canvas are used to create each of my ORIGINAL ART oil paintings; they are not prints, reproductions or giclees. They are sold unframed, and the painting extends over onto the sides of the canvas, so framing is not necessary unless you so choose.

Lifelong Student of Art:

Art has always been an important part of my life. As a child, I loved drawing, painting and creating something unique. Growing up in New Orleans, I loved to watch the artists as they painted and displayed their work in New Orleans’ Jackson Square. I fell in love with creating art early in my life. Inspired by the artist’s in the Quarter, I took my first formal art class at age 12. I loved every moment and when the class ended, I sold my first painting. From that moment on, I knew I wanted to be an artist. Since then, I have worked in various mediums including pastels, watercolors, acrylics, oils, ceramics and fabric arts. Recently, I have concentrated my work in oils.

The Inspiration for My Artwork:

The inspiration for my artwork comes most often from the beauty of nature, my travels, special life moments, life experiences and the emotions stirred by those experiences. However, inspiration can come from anything that makes an impression on me in a profound way. Art, a life-long passion in my life provides a way to communicate my own visual and emotional response to the world around us.

How I Create My Artwork:

When inspiration strikes, I work for hours on end making sketches of ideas, planning pieces or working on various aspects of creating a painting. When I’m creating a piece, it’s like my heart and soul finding it’s voice. Each of my pieces has a unique story behind it. I start with an idea of a composition; sometimes I create directly on the canvas, other times I may make rough sketches first. Often I use color, form and texture to convey emotions. No two paintings take the same amount of time to create. Some are completed in one sitting others take a week or more.

Thank You for Your Interest in My Work:

I hope my art captures scenes that convey an appreciation of beauty, hope, dreams and love which I hope viewers are able to identify with in their own lives. One of my greatest joys is hearing other people’s interpretations of my artwork. My art helps me dream, imagine and find peace in my life. I hope it does the same for you.

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