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Art Of Two Sisters

About My Art
New Orleans Art

New Orleans is one of the most unique cities in the world. It is full of history and culture; customs and traditions; color and excitement. The people of this city are filled with an undying spirit and tenacity for living and love of life that is evident in every facet of the culture. In New Orleans, you can find something worth celebrating everyday of your life.

I was inspired to create the New Orleans art, as a celebration of all of the special events, festivals, and everyday great lifestyle that has people shouting, “Laissez les bon temps roulez” or Let the good times roll .

Pele Fire
Fleur de Lis Art
Katrina Watch

One of the most popular symbols of New Orleans, the fleur de lis inspired this painting. Entrenched in the history of the city, the fleur de lis is found in the wrought iron patterns decorating the balconies and fences of the French Quarter and Garden District. After Hurricane Katrina, it became the symbol paired with the rallying cry of "Rebuild, Rebirth, Renew". As the city moves forward, it will become a beautiful symbol for still another generation to appreciate.

Louisiana Bayou Scenes

As a native New Orleans Cajun artist, I have a powerful connection to the bayous and all things Cajun that goes back in my family for generations.

These were inspired by the natural beauty of Louisiana’s Bayou Country. They provide a glimpse into life as it is lived in this amazing place. The pace may be a bit slower, but the people live life to the fullest. They work hard, party hard, count their blessings and have a strong love of family.

Pele Fire
Deva Designs
Diva Designs is a group of smaller paintings created as a tribute to famous designers. Those who influence our fashion sense and styles we choose to express who we are. They're also meant to salute all “design divas” and “fashionistas” who make our world so much more interesting. Thank you one and all.
Seasons Art
Each of the seasons is so different and has such a different feel, different color palettes, sounds, activities and associations. Paintings in this series were created in appreciation of the unique beauty each season has to offer.
Pele Fire
Wildlife Art
This special group of paintings was inspired by some of nature's most magnificent creatures. Watching them, one gets a sense that each has an unique "wildlife spirit". Their striking beauty and impressive abilities inspire a profond appreciation of the earth's creatures. I have tried to capture the essence of their “spirits” in my paintings in an effort to share this appreciation with others.
Nature Art
These paintings are a tribute to the breathtaking scenes in the world around us that nature provides. Nature can provide scenes that range from the beautiful and serene to those that demonstrate tremendous power and destruction. These paintings were created as a reminder of the effect nature has on our lives.
Special Edition / Children's Art

Paintings were done as special editions. They were created expecially to coordinate with a particular theme & color scheme preferences of the buyer.

Cherished Memories
In today’s hectic world, so many of life’s little pleasures are lost. Many of those cherished memories we shared with family and friends, enjoying living life in the moment without many of today’s distractions are becoming rare. We seem to be more worried about what else we may be missing out on; so we miss out on what is happening now. Most of my most cherished memories, was doing things that cost little or nothing; but the memories we created were priceless. These paintings celebrate some of those magical moments.


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